Sabbath School Summary
From the Lions’ Den to the Angel’s Den
Lesson 7
Memory Text: Daniel 6:4 “So the governors and satraps sought to find some charge against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find no charge or fault, because he was faithful; nor was there any error or fault found in him”

SATURDAY: The most provoking trials will attend to the people of God. Daniel faced succession of trials & tests in Babylon, yet, he was faithful to the end. His godly life inspired Darius to appoint him as chief administrator of the whole Medo-Persian government, but only excites the jealousy of other officers. None will be spared from trials & suffering. Howbeit, there’s victory & vindication in Christ.

SUNDAY: The penalty of jealousy is no different from that of murder as recorded in the Decalogue (Exod. 20:17). Inwardly, Lucifer harbored jealousy even when he bowed with other angels before Christ (SR, p. 14). Day by day Daniel was watched with a keen eye of jealousy (Dan. 6:1-5, Gen. 37:11, 1 Sam. 18:6-9). The prophet was blameless, in search of fault they found none. An attack was then waged on his faith.

MONDAY: Flattery was employed by the jealous officers to petition the king, Darius, to sign a decree which he would later come to regret (Dan. 6:6-9). Ignorant of their diabolic motives, Darius decrees that for 30 days no one should pray to his God or man, except of him. This degree could not be altered by Persian law (Esther 1:19, 8:8). Thus, satanic agencies were at play to cause Daniel to renounce his God.

TUESDAY: As his custom was, the prophet, Daniel, prayed without ceasing. No earthly decree could quench his thirst for prayer (Dan. 6:10; Matt. 6:6). “He does not change his devotional habits”, he was “as true to duty as the needle to the pole”. He knew the foes’ plot to get rid of him but he found hope in God. Perhaps, he was inspired by his friends’ faith in the fire or the vision he had received (Dan. 7 & 8, ).

WEDNESDAY: Prophet Daniel was caught in the act—praying. He had violated the decree & had to pay the price—the lions’ Den (Dan. 6:11-23). To the officers Daniel was just a captive (vs. 13), to Darius he was a wise ruler, to God he was His beloved child. At once the king saw he was entrapped but it was impossible to overturn the decree. Thus, Daniel was cast into the lions’ den (read PK, pp. 543, 544).

THURSDAY: In the midst of sore persecution, God gives His faithfuls a sure vindication (Dan. 6:24-28). The rise of Daniel from the lions’ den led to the fall of his foes into the lions den. In seasons of trials & tests, God bids us to grasp the unseen, the eternal blessings that awaits his faithful remnants. Daniel’s praises for God was more than we had seen (Dan. 3:28, 29; 4:1-3, 34-37, see also Deut. 24:16).

FRIDAY: “The Hall of Fame for Faith” records the faithfulness of Daniel (Heb. 11). His unrelenting & enduring faith “stopped the mouths of lions” (vs. 33). Daniel escaped death unlike most heroes of faith who were martyred for the course of God. “God calls some to witness by living and others by dying”. Heaven is very near to those who hopes in the Lord. As Daniel was delivered, so shall we be victors.


SR- The Story of Redemption

PK- Prophets and Kings

The Lions’ Den- At the time (539 B.C.) when Daniel was cast into the Lions’ den, he had received the visions recorded in Daniel 7 (553 B.C) & 8 (551 B.C). These visions, perhaps, inspired his faith in God (Tuesday’s lesson).


SUNDAY- Jealous Souls
MONDAY- The Plot Against Daniel
TUESDAY- Daniel’s Prayer
WEDNESDAY- In The Lions’ Den
THURSDAY- Vindication

Discussion Questions

📌 Frenchman Jean-Paul Sartre once wrote that “the best way to conceive of the fundamental project of human reality is to say that man is the being whose project is to be God” (Being and Nothingness: A Phenomenological Essay on Ontology [New York: Washington Square Press, 1956], p. 724). How does this help us understand, at least on one level, why the king falls for the trap? Why must we all, in whatever our station in life, be careful of this same dangerous inclination, no matter how subtly it might come? What are other ways we might want to be “like God”?

📌 What kind of witness do we present to others in regard to our faithfulness to God and to His law? Would people who know you think that you would stand for your faith, even if it cost you your job—or even your life?

📌 What do you see in Daniel that makes him a person that God can use effectively for His purposes? With the Lord’s help, how can you develop more of the same characteristics?

📌 In what ways could Daniel have been justified in deciding, in light of the decree, to have changed the way he prayed? Or would that have been a dangerous compromise? If so, why?

For February 8-14. Happy Sabbath.


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