Sabbath School Summary
“I Make All Things New”
Lesson 13
Memory Text: Revelation 21:5

SATURDAY: The revelator foretells the destruction of Babylon. For once, “destruction” will be a good news to the people of God (Rev. 19:1-7). Babylon who prided herself in deceptions and persecutions will be stripped of her powers (Rev. 18:24). The millions of martyrs who cried to God will see an answer to their prayers (Rev. 6:10; Ps. 79:5; Hab. 1:2; Dan. 12:6, 7). John also reveals scenes of God’s kingdom.

SUNDAY: To dine with Christ in “the wedding supper of the Lamb” (Rev. 19:6-9; John 14:1-3), the garment of sin has to be changed for the wedding garment (Christ’s purity). Christ’s first coming was an invitation to His people to attend this ceremony (Matt. 22:1-4). Christ is the Lamb, the marriage is His reception of His kingdom, the bride is the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, and His people are the guests.

MONDAY: The great controversy between God and Satan will end with God’s victory. Satan is a defeated foe; He was defeated at the cross, and will be defeated again when Christ returns. Every eye of the vast multitude of the world will be turned to behold His glory. “Jesus rides forth as a mighty conqueror”…No human pen can portray the scene…” (Rev. 19:11-16, GC, pp. 640, 641; 2 Thess. 1:8-10).

TUESDAY: Prophecy reveals that the earth will return to its state of “without form and void; and darkness…” when Christ destroys sin and the wicked in His second advent (Gen. 1:2; Rev. 20:1-3; Jer. 4:23-26). At this time, Satan and his angels for a thousand years will have no one to tempt or annoy. Figuratively, he’s bound in chains. “In union with Christ they [the redeemed] judge the wicked” (Rev. 29:4-6; Matt. 19:28; 1 Cor. 6:2, 3).

WEDNESDAY: The fire that consumes the wicked will purify the earth (2 Pet. 3:10-13). Every trace of sin is swept away. The sky and starry universe that “could not endure God’s presence” is made anew (Rev. 21:1; 20:11; 2 Cor. 12:2). John sees no “sea”—“a symbol of separation and suffering” (a sea separated him from his loved ones in Patmos). The earth will be restored to its Edenic state (Rev. 21:2-8; 7:15-17; John 11:21).

THURSDAY: “Human language is inadequate” to describe the “capital of the new earth”, the New Jerusalem (1 Cor. 2:9). The city is the bride; “the Lamb’s wife” that Christ is preparing for His people (John 14:1-3). The open entry into the city at any direction points to the “unlimited access to God’s presence”. The city is a perfect cube which totals 144,000, and in it is the river of water of life (Rev. 21:21-22:5).

FRIDAY: The theme of the second coming of Christ is what opens and shuts the book of Revelation. As the first coming of Christ was real, so will His second coming be real. This is the hope of all God’s faithful people as they awaits His return. Yet, we’re not to wait in idleness, instead, we should spend time reading the book of Revelation over and over again before Jesus returns; and call people to Him (Rev. 22:17).

—Ellen G. White, “Without a Wedding Garment,” pp. 307-319, in Christ’s Object Lessons; “The Controversy Ended,” pp. 662-678, in The Great Controversy.


GC- The Great Controversy.

The Millennium- The 1,000 years where Satan and his angels will have no access to other worlds to deceive people or annoy anyone.

The Perfect Cube of New Jerusalem which totals 144,000 stadia- This “reflects the 144,000 who are translated without seeing death at the second coming of Jesus. In the Old Testament temple, the Most Holy Place was a perfect cube (1 Kings 6:20).”

“Fine linen, clean and bright”/wedding garment- Represents the righteousness of Christ.

“The river of water of life”- “In contrast to the river in Babylon, at which God’s people were sitting as captives longing for Jerusalem (Psalm 137), on the banks of the river of life in the New Jerusalem, God’s wandering people of all ages have found their home.”


SUNDAY- The Wedding Supper of the Lamb
MONDAY- Armageddon Ends
TUESDAY- The Millennium
WEDNESDAY- “A New Heaven and a New Earth”
THURSDAY- The New Jerusalem

Discussion Questions

📌 Think about the millennium and the judgment of the unrighteous dead that occurs only after the millennium. The saved will have a thousand years to get all their questions answered. Only then will God bring final punishment upon the lost. What does this truth reveal to us about God?

📌 Revelation 1:3 promises blessings to those who listen, read, heed, and keep the words of the prophecies of Revelation. As we conclude our study of this book, what are the things you have discovered that you need to heed and keep?

For March 23-29. Happy 13th Sabbath. Thanks for being a part of the Revelation Bible Study.

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