Sabbath School Summary
What Have They Seen in Your House?
Lesson 12
Memory Text: 1 Peter 2:9

Memory Text: “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9, NKJV).

SATURDAY: God’s ideal pattern for the home is for the home to be a happy place; where the husband and wife respects each other and children are obedient. In good or bad times, the atmosphere of the home should be one which impress the thought of God in our families, neighbors or strangers. Just like King Hezekiah, daily you’re been asked; “what have they [people] seen in your house?’” (Isa. 39:4).

SUNDAY: Stricken with a fatal malady, God healed King Hezekiah. Yet, when he got the chance to extol the living God, He was silent. “God left him to test him” when the ambassadors of Babylon visited (2 Chron. 32:25, 31; Isa. 38:39). Thus, the blessings of God can be taken for granted. Every visit to our homes is a chance to witness God. We’re not called to show off our wealth (1 Pet. 2:9, Eph. 2:4-6).

MONDAY: The best mission field is the home—we should witness in the home before we witness outside (Deut. 6:6, 7; Ruth 1:14-18). We must adopt the “Andrew Formula”; first passionately talking about Jesus and arranging for our audience to have a personal encounter with Him (John 1:40-42). Children should not be overlooked, we must help them to model Ruth’s commitment (see Ruth 1:8-22).

TUESDAY: Peace should be the ultimate thing that reigns in the home, even when married to an unbeliever—both couples are “sanctified” by God’s grace. Paul counseled his audience to win their unbelieving spouse to God through kindness, submission, and “winsome witness” (1 Cor. 7:12-15, 1 Pet. 3:1, 2, Eph. 5:21). However, the unbelieving spouse has the choice to depart from the marriage.

WEDNESDAY: The Christian home should be a heaven on earth—a home that is beautified by love has the power to influence others; by beholding we become changed (1 Cor. 4:16, Eph. 5:1, 1 Thess. 1:6, Heb. 6:12, 13:7, 3 John 11). “Social influence is a wonderful power” which can be used to help others (MH, p. 354). In imitating others, we must imitate only the good (Jer. 17:9, John 2:25, Rom. 3:23).

THURSDAY: By hospitality people entertained angels unknowingly (Gen. 18:1-8), others got their life partners (Gen. 24:15-20, 31-33), and others had their conversion (Luke 19:1-9). Hospitality is an excellent remedy for a weary soul—we meet other’s basic needs for rest, food, and fellowship (Isa. 58:6, 7, 10-12; Rom. 12:13; 1 Pet. 4:9). Hospitality is a simple act of service to God & man (Matt. 25:34-40).

FRIDAY: “Angels are waiting to see if we embrace opportunities within our reach of doing good”. Our homes should be a refuge for the weary, a temple for the lost, and an avenue for witnessing Christ. “Far more powerful than any sermon that can be preached is the influence of a true home upon human hearts and lives”. Our abilities may be small, but God can wrought greater things with us.

—Ellen G. White, “A Powerful Christian Witness,” pp. 35-39; “Attitude Toward an Unbelieving Companion,” pp. 348-352, in The Adventist Home; “Ministry of the Home,” pp. 349-355, in The Ministry of Healing; “The Ambassadors From Babylon,” pp. 340-348, in Prophets and Kings.


MH- The Ministry of Healing

“Andrew Formula”- The method used by Andrew to bring his brother, Simon Peter, to Christ (John 1:40-42).

King Hezekiah- He was the king of Judah. Unlike Ahaz, his father, Hezekiah brought reformation to Judah by conscious efforts and prayers. In the midst of his reign, he got sick. God healed him miraculously but failed to witness God to his visitors who came to see how he recovered from his sickness. This mistake brought God’s wrath on Judah.


SUNDAY- Learning From A King’s Mistake
MONDAY- Family First
TUESDAY- Peace that Wins
WEDNESDAY- Family Life Is For Sharing
THURSDAY- Centers Of Contagious Friendliness

Discussion Questions

📌 Ask anyone in class if it were the influence of someone’s home that helped them make a decision for Christ. Discuss just what it was that made such an impression. What can the class learn from that experience?

📌 In what practical ways can you as a class minister to a family with an unbelieving spouse?

📌 As a class, talk about some of the pressures in the home that work against faith. Write up a list of some of these things; then across from them, write down possible solutions.

📌 The private lives of Christians are a means of witness to children, unbelieving spouses, other relatives, and visitors. While faith sharing at home may not always be as complete as one would like or result in the conversion of relatives and visitors, imperfect famil y members seek to point the way to a perfect Savior. Through generous hospitality expressed in the Savior’s name, they bring within the realm of grace all whose lives they touch. Think about the influence of your home on those who come to visit. What could you do to make it a better witness of faith for all who step within your doors?

For June 15-21. Happy Sabbath.


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